The A1 Trust – The Modern Steam Legend that is 60163 Tornado

2012 - Mainline Working - The Cathedrals Express - Winchester - A1 class - 60163 Tornado - BR Blue

60163 A1 Pacific Tornado is in many ways a modern miracle.  60163 was built in 2008 and was the first mainline steam locomotive built in the UK since 92220 Evening star.

Apple Green

Tornado’s story is a very interesting one.  Rather than repeat it here, I urge you to check out the A1 Steam Trusts web site (click here) to find out more.

2010 - Watercress Line - Alton - 60163 Tornado

Of course, 60163 Tornado is one of the steam locomotives nominated as the most famous (voting is now closed.)

Alresford - A1 class - 60163 Tornado

Tornado was the subject of previous poll looking to find the most popular livery it had been painted in.  The people’s choice was apple green!

I will leave you with a gallery of photograph’s of this 8P Pacific!

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  1. I’ve always loved A1s. I was really sad that none had survived and I was amazed when the A1 project was announced. It was incredibly exciting to watch it develop from an optimistic dream to a real, full-blown machine. It really is something special and looks like it’s sparked a whole new industry of replica construction!


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