Isle of Wight Steam Railway – 2013

DSCN0925Good evening,

Today I thought I’d do another post looking at photos I have taken before joining the LocoYard team and today we are looking at some from the Isle of Wight steam railway in 2013. Living in Portsmouth means this is technically my local heritage railway with it only been 10 miles away as the crow flies which sound surprising as I volunteer on the Mid Hants. I do love visiting the railway because of its unique character and rolling stock, on this occasion I was visiting with my daughter which meant I spent most of the day on the trains rather than visiting some of the more remote more photographic locations like I did on my visit to the lines Spring Gala.

If you do live in the South of England the Isle of Wight railway is a must visit location.

DSCN0929DSCN0946 DSCN0970 DSCN0972

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