Day 219 – Steam trains and Olympus

Some great photos of the Bluebell, its such a lovely line and a photographers dream.

Helen's Photo Challenge

I entered an online competition which was shared by Gavin Hoey, a photographer I follow online since hearing him talk at a local camera club event to try out some Olympus cameras for the day and to take some photos on the Bluebell Railway. Details of the event – and other events – can be found on the Olympus Image Space Web Site and amazingly I won a space.

I was nervous, it was a long way to drive, particularly after just being away again… but I am determined to meet new people, try new things photography and this was the perfect opportunity. There was just over 30 people there, I met and chatted to Gavin 🙂 who had a place too, and I got to experiment a bit with an Olympus E-M1 which is there professional camera and a 12-40mm pro lens.  The package would currently cost about £1,500…

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