Saitama Railway Museum (Photos)

An amazing look at the Saitama Railway Museum in Japan. It looks to have a collection that could even rival the NRM in York.

Little Red Passport

When I found out that there was a huge railway museum in Saitama, I knew I just had to go. Located about an hour away from central Tokyo by train, the railway museum was the perfect day trip for me. In love with trains, I wanted to see all the trains that were available in Japan and understand a little more about their railway history.

Inside the museum, one can see all types of train cars that had once run on its many train tracks in Japan, including one particular wooden train car that was almost a century old. Some cars were open for visitors to walk through and sit in, but those were too creepy for me.

To see something that has seen, breathed and commuted thousands upon millions of people everyday during their time of service to be suddenly empty and without life, I found it immensely creepy. Some…

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