Save the National Railway Museum!

National Railway Museum

Earlier in the week the Director of The Science Museum, Ian Blatchford, announced that as well as cutting back the London museum; one of the satellite museums in York, Manchester or Bradford may have to close.  This is a result of spending cuts of a further 10% after around 25% of cut-backs recently.  As a result a petition has been started to prevent the closure of the National Railway Museum, York and for all those who take an interest in UK and World heritage I ask that you please sign it.

Nick Littlewood - GWR King class - 6000 King George V - NRM - 3rd March 2013The National Railway Museum is home to the biggest and most significant collection of railway objects (over 1,000,00) in the UK, spanning 300 years of Railway history.  It is vital to our national heritage that this museum continues, so please sign the petition (click here).  Please share, reblog and spread the word as much as you can.  Many thanks 🙂

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