Blackpool Tramway September 2016


From the 5th to the 8th September, I visited Blackpool for the world famous tramway and illuminations, which can be seen in the video above. Below is Balloon 711, which has been fitted with central platform doors, to work on the upgraded tramway, which now operates modern trams. Having a ride in a retrofitted balloon tram was quite an experience, and seemed to be quite popular with the general public.dsc01790I took a tour of the illuminations onboard Western Train 733 + 734, which has been a firm favourite of the public, and seems to be the tram I always board when I visit Blackpool. It is still quite a sight to see an illuminated tram trundling down the promenade, next to modern German built trams, but that is what makes Blackpool a unique tramway, having both old and new trams operating side by side. The heritage tours operate every day during the summer, and at weekends from March. They are now operating every evening and every weekend until the illuminations switch off on the 6th September. There is also a special event on the 24th and 25th September, which is their anniversary weekend, showcasing all of the operational heritage trams, and tours of both Rigby Road depot, where the old trams are stored, and the new Starr Gate depot, where the modern fleet are kept.dsc01786Thanks for reading.

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