Hornby 2017 Announcement – The Wainwright H Class!

Exciting news from Hornby today!

Hello and welcome to a very special edition of The Engine Shed.Well, what a week it’s been. Keen viewers of our Social Media pages will not have missed one or two carefully placed clues, alluding to the subject of this week’s blog. After much speculation in forums and the like, we are pleased to reveal the first of our 2017 range new toolings – the Wainwright H Class 0-4-4T!If you cast your minds back to one of the last editions of The Engine Shed of 2015….

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One thought on “Hornby 2017 Announcement – The Wainwright H Class!

  1. This is great news and will compliment the Bachmann C class -0-6-0 nicely. It seems that between the two main UK manufacturers of RtoR model trains are going to provide us with all the Bluebell line fleet, both operative and- in the case of the Adamas’ radial- currently inoperative.
    I do hope one of the three livery variants by Homrby will be the SE&CR lined out brunswick green. In which case I hope it will match the quality of the livery applied by Bacmann to its C class goods- that used by Hornby on a current variant of the ex-LB&SCR “Terrier” is too bright and looks wrong.


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