Royal Scot visits the Yard (and a layout update)

As promised yesterday, a Royal Visitor has arrived for the weekend.  Usually confined to the display cabinet, 6100 Royal Scot has been given a run around the yard.  This was another model rescued from the repair/spares section of ebay.  It’s original owner dropped the model – hence the reconstructed front Bufferbeam.  I also replaced the chimney as Hornby’s early batch of rebuilt Royal Scots didn’t look right.  I also added smoke deflectors.

I started adding fences to the yard’s lookout viewpoint in the centre of the layout.  The fences required painting (all done) and I’ve now started glueing them into place with pva glue.  It’s very much a work-in-progress, as the picture below illustrates.  I’m waiting now for the first batch of fences to dry into position to avoid a domino effect if I knock one of them, which would be so frustrating!

Today I attended the Eurotrack International Exhibition at Fleming Park Leisure Centre Eastleigh.  A fantastic exhibition, I hope to add some photographs from the event in the next few days.  My only purchase of the day was a very well-built signal-box, complete with interior detail and signal man.  A bargain for £4.50.  Now I need to find a home for it…  Happy modelling!