Eurotrack International Exhibition 2012 – Roundup

As with my coverage of SMRS Exhibition, I take absolutely no credit for anything in this entry!  As promised, I’ve added a post showing some pictures taken at

the Eurotrack International Exhibition 25th February 2012.   As before,  I would like to apologise in advance for my snaps not doing enough justice to exhibitors layouts and also for missing a few.  This has nothing to do with the quality of the layouts, all of which were excellent.  In many cases the lack of any or good pictures is largely due to the popularity of layouts and being unable to get a proper look!

Addiston South – BR SR, EM gauge, Paul Egleton

Beaulieu-Les-Mines – South Belgium, H0e gauge, Howard Coulson

Beckenvick – Swiss metre gauge, H0m, Simon Ellis

Claybridge – BR (SR), N gauge, Ron Boreham

Couryniere – III/IV epochs, H0 gauge, Jean-Pierre & Henriette Desvalles

Felsen – Imaginary town in German Mosel valley, H0 gauge, John Smith

Frogpool – GWR, o gauge, Andover Model Railway Club

Gouttieres 63390, Puy-De-Dome, Auvergne, France – H0 gauge, Keith Harcourt

Great Shefford – GWR, 00 gauge, Jonathan Buckie

Greenfield Siding – BR SR, 00 gauge, Farnham & District Model Railway Club

Hartburn – BR NE, EM gauge, Ian Manderson

Moorside – GWR, 0 gauge, Burnham & District MRC

Oberdorf – Germany (Swiss Border), Nm gauge, Piers Milne

Oro Grande – USA, Sn3, William Lloyd

Tenac – France, N gauge, Alan Marlow

Yamanouchi Oshika – Japan, N gauge, Liphook & District Model Railway Club

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