Ready To Run Models

Looking across the yard today, I reflected that Railway modellers live in very good times.  The range of Ready to Run (RTR) models available is incredible really.  With that in mind, I lined up  four locomotives for the picture above showing some contrasting examples from all three major RTR manufacturers of 00 models.  It makes you wonder what models will come next, especially with Bachmann due to announce their 2012/13 range in a few weeks time!

The yard has seen little work done to it, partly due to a visit to a real yard last weekend (see pictures below).  However some progress will be made soon!   I have ordered a replacement chimney for 9F Evening Star, plus a few other small parts for my SER 01 project. These will probably take a few weeks to come through and when they do I’ll be sure to add some blogs!  In the meantime I intend to build a fence on the yard’s viewing area and there will be a Royal visitor arriving this weekend to haul services. …  expect an update on Saturday!