Isle of Wight Spring Gala – Best of the rest

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I took a lot of photos of various locomotives before my camera died at the gala but not enough to do posts on them. During the gala Barclay 0-6-0T ‘Ajax’ was acting as the Havenstreet station pilot, doing all the less glamorous jobs such as shunting coaches and the freight train for the other locos. This was the first time I saw this locomotive in steam and I actually assumed she wasnt in traffic because I rarely see photos of her in action.


In the new £1.2million Train Story museum/Rolling Stock Storage and Display Building  you can find ‘E1’ Class 0-6-0T No.W2 ‘Yarmouth’. She arrived at the railway in 2011 and has lived until recently in the Havenstreet Yard providing a unique photo opportunity. Like Calbourne she is the only one of class to survive and I can’t wait to she her back in action when she is finally restored.


With Newport being back in steam fellow Terrier Freshwater was pushed into the shadows but she did put in some impressive performances hauling trains in the slippery conditions.


I did have a very enjoyable time at the line and the railway is a lovely reminder of what was once a large network of branch-lines on the Isle of Wight and is well-worth a visit.

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