GWR 4953 Pitchford Hall and 4575 Prairie Tank 5542 at Loughborough 2011

Following yesterday’s review of Bachmann’s 00 scale model of the GWR Hall, today we look at a real Hall class in steam with one of its prairie tank cousins.

These pictures were taken 21st May 2011 at Loughborough on the Great Central Railway.  4953 Pitchford Hall has since moved to the Epping Ongar Railway in Essex.

Unfortunately this short visit to the Great Central Railway is the only one I’ve made so far.  It was buzzing with activity and certainly lived up to it’s reputation of being Britain’s only heritage main line railway.  Pitchford Hall and LMS 8F class 8624 were running services.  There were a number of locomotives on site, including GWR 4575 class 5542 (above and below).

Click here to read the blog post that looks at the controversially maroon painted LMS 8F.  For now I will leave you with an image of the Hall class about to leave Loughborough.  The gentleman in the forefront of this picture was dressed very much like Sir Topham Hatt (maybe it was himself?!)