South Devon Railway – pictures taken in 2010

As promised in yesterdays post, here are a few pictures taken at a visit to Buckfastleigh in 2010.  That day, pannier tank 57xx 5786 was shunting stock around the yard.

Meanwhile the beautiful (in my humble opinion) and only surving Collett Goods class 2251 0-6-0 number 3205 ran services.

Meanwhile, a few other locomotives were spotted around the yard in various states of repair – operational prairie tank (class 4575) 5526, out of ticket Hall class 4920 Dumbleton Hall and 14xx 1420 and visiting N7 class 62621 of the East Anglian Railway Museum.  Visitors are common these days, partly due to the excellent workshop facilities that exist here.

The final picture is of a beautiful clerestory carriage.

I am hoping to visit the South Devon Railway in about a week or so and therefore should have some more up-to-date pictures of the line soon!