A Classic Western Story!

Following on from my previous post, I’ve decided to make a feature of my cosmetic restoration of an Old Mainline ex-Great Western Railway 56xx class 0-6-2T.  It’s story began from being part of a job lot of three old models bought for just £12.  It was in a very sorry state, missing its trailing bogey.

The first job was to locate a trailing bogey, to at least make it physically complete. The hand railings were also re-fitted.   It was then re-sprayed black and the picture below shows it in that condition.

The brass safety valve was painted next and press-fix transfers added (BR early crest).  The wheels were then painted so that they wouldn’t look so shiny.  Nameplates were then added – brass examples purchased from Modelmaster decals.  It was numbered 6619 to represent preserved class member now located on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.  The reason for this being my fond memory of the prototype visiting the Kent and East Sussex Railway.

The finished result is above.  So far I’ve not tested it in DC, for the simple reason that its split-chassis motor will be difficult to convert to DCC operation, so running is an unlikely prospect.  The model now sits in the display cabinet in the condition you see in the picture above.  Not bad for £4, eh?!