Panning for… good photographs

I’ve spent a frustrating 30 minutes trying to get a decent panned shot of a model train going around the yard.  My aim was to get an “action” shot for a change from my usual (attempt) of getting a pin-sharp result.  The locomotive, M7 tank 42 (shown more clearly below) was my subject, pulling a couple of Maunsell carriages.  Why I tried for so long with only a poor light bulb for lighting, I’m not sure.  I know if I tried again with daylight on my side things would be a lot better. The picture above was my best effort, which although is a long way from what I hoped, I’m fairly chuffed with it (pun not intended!)  Whether I’m pleased with the result or more pleased to have given up and have a cup of tea on the go I’m not sure though!