A Typical Easter Monday!

I hope all my followers had a good Easter Sunday, with plenty of chocolate consumed!  In a bid to work some of the excessive eating off today I went for a nice long walk through Eastleigh’s Lakeside park.  It was not the best weather for it, with constant drizzle/rain.  It is the kind of weather that goes hand-in-hand with bank holiday Mondays, as much as the Great Escape on TV and the belated “it’s Sunday and I’ve got work tomorrow” feeling!

The park is home to the narrow gauge “Eastleigh Lakeside Steam Railway”, a lovely little line with a nice collection of locomotives.  The track is a dual 7¼” / 10¼”  gauge.  One locomotive was in steam – 10 Sir Arthur Heywood, a half scale replica  (7¼” gauge) of a Ravenglass and Eskdale locomotive “Northern Rock”.

I’ve uploaded more photographs from todays visit of Eastleigh’s Lakeside Steam Railway on Steam Tube.

I have also been working at home on the yard.  I’ve added to my scenery – creating a stony/grass area using a mixture of scatter, set with diluted PVA glue.  I use roughly 2/3 water/pva mix with a dash of washing up liquid.

Step 1 – before the scatter:

Step 2 – Scatter and PVA glue:

Step 3 – (Nearly) Dry:

I have also added bufferbeam details to my rebuilt Westcountry class Pacific, 34026 Yes Tor.  These details really make a difference and have been fixed with poly-cement.  See for yourself in the picture below.

My other Easter project has been the servicing of my Hornby J94/Austerity locomotive.  This model usually lives behind the scenes in my fiddle yard, but is having an outing on the yard today.  The motors growl has always been fairly noisy, but it sounded a little louder than normal and thought a service was over-due.  When servicing models, never ever use 3 in 1 or WD 40.  I use “Dapoil” sparingly and it does the trick.  I oiled the motor gears and wheels and the model runs nicely again.  Finally, I cleaned the wheels using a cloth and methylated spirits.  This model was my first re-spray attempt, which ended up a little heavy, hence it’s behind-the scenes role!  It is pictured below, on-shed.

I hope you’ve enjoyed todays post.  My next post will look at double-heading on DCC; until then; I hope everyone enjoys what little remains of their Easter bank holiday 🙂