Track work, Kit work and a new friend

Introducing my new friend, my Dremel!  Gone are the days of metal filing and a new metal grinding era can now begin at the yard.  Thank you to my family for this very useful present!

It has been put to work in grinding off the back of a Hornby (ex-Jinty) chassis to cut it to size for its conversion to an SER 01 class (see pictures below).  This is a resin kit from Golden Arrow that is beginning to take shape.  The plastic body still needs much attention, handrails, footsteps and painting so it isn’t expected to be a member of the fleet any time soon.  It is however a lot closer than it was before, thanks to the Dremel!

As you can see, the SER 01  also has a smokebox door handle and buffers, that were added last night.

I spent most of the afternoon re-arranging track in my fiddle yard, with the aim to make the stock contained within it a bit more accessible.  The new arrangement seems to work better, but I’ll test it before relaying the underlay and setting the track-work properly.  One annoyance is that it’ll probably need a double-track tunnel entrance to access it behind the back scene.

That’s all from the yard for now, I hope all my readers had a good weekend and the flooding/drought isn’t causing you too much trouble!  Happy modeling folks!