Locoyard Scenes

When I first started this blog back in January, it was on the simple premise of sharing the development of my loco yard layout to anyone who may be interested.  I had been writing a diary for a couple of months and the blog seemed a logical development.  From this it has evolved into something much more and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it!  Thank you to my followers for making it so enjoyable, I hope to continue as I’ve started.

Going back to the original aim of taking you on a tour of the yard, today’s post shows a few pictures that speak louder the words can…

Off-rail steam power for loco yard

A single track road run’s across a viaduct and through a green viewing area

The road leads to a small cafe that sits next to the crossing, with a few car parking spaces

View from above the engine sheds, looking across the loco yard to the castle ruins

M7 class 357, West Country Pacific 21C123 Blackmore Vale and BR Standard 3MT 82019

During the next few days, posts will continue to be  published regularly, but unfortunately I will have very rare opportunities to respond to your comments and queries made here or on twitter.  When I can I will respond, but I apologise in advance for all delays in responding to you.