Engine Movements in the Yard

Every few weeks, I re-shuffle my fleet of locomotives, with the aim to give them all a chance to stretch their legs and keep their motors healthy.  It also allows me to squeeze in my camera into areas of the yard for a few snaps, such as the one above of M7 class 357 and N class 31874 sitting inside the engine shed.  The shed is a built Metcalfe cardboard kit and comes highly recommended.

Some tweeking of the website has been done to the column to the right-hand side.  Hopefully this will help the ease of navigating the site and organise blog entries a little better than before.

Southern Railway N class 1824 was given a good run, working tender-first (see below).  This model tends to be more reliable than my BR liveried version and does not suffer so much from a derailing tender.  A classic Maunsell prototype, this ageing Bachmann model doesn’t look out of place next to more modern super-detail releases and is an essential type for Southern Railway/Region models.

My next task will be to re-number my pannier tank 6757 to preserved 4612.  Before I do this (and potentially ruin it!) I will review the model as supplied by Bachmann, which will be the subject of tomorrows post.