Dapol / Kernow Ex-LSWR 0298 Class Beattie Well Tank Review

Class: 0298 Beattie Well Tank

Use: Light Goods

Region: Southern

Era: 1874 (models represent 1931-1935 rebuilds) – 1962

Preserved examples:

30585 – Buckinghamshire Railway Centre

30587 – National Collection (working on the Bodmin & Wenford Railway)

For more information on the prototype please click here.


Manufacturer: Dapol (exclusive Kernow Model Railway Centre commission)

Motor: 5 pole Loco-drive

Power: Unclassified

DCC options: 6 pin dcc ready

Locoyard Review



Excellent with an excellent detail pack with fire-irons and route discs.  Cab is ok, if a little behind current Hornby and Bachmann standards.



Fantastic – detail differences between different class members catered for.  Half a point knocked off for the chimney taper being a little too angular and a (albeit very slight) seam from the mould.



It is hard to make your mind up whether the slightly shiny/gloss finish is for you or not!  For me, Bachmann’s satin black is a better.

Running Qualities:


Excellent low-geared quiet and smooth motor.  It has a short wheel base, so needs clean wheels and track.

Relative Power:


A 2-4-0 model is never going to pull a lot and I really can’t see how Dapol could have made it any better.  The model is quite at home pulling a few wagons, but slips with anything much more.  It can’t pull quite as much the prototype, but then that was classified by British Railways as 0F; so the relative power difference isn’t as big as you might expect.



As good as you can get in such a small locomotive.  NEM pockets, 6 pin DCC socket that’s easy to access via the smokebox; it’s nice to be able to add a DCC chip without dismantling a chassis!    DCC fitting guide can be found on Kernow’s website. 6-pin socket does limit choice of decoder and of course DCC sound is not an option.



At £91.99 it is expensive for a small engine, but considering that this is a limited production run of such a distinctive prototype with an unusual 2-4-0 wheel arrangement, it’s good value.

Overall Locoyardometer Score: 4.1

A lovely model of a locomotive with bags of character.  Southern modellers should definitely get one or more whilst you still can.  Other modellers will also be interested in this good model of a Victorian machine.  We await Kernow/Dapol’s ex-LSWR 02 with high expectations!

Detailometer 4.5, Outlineometer 4.5, Finishometer 4.5, Motorometer 4.5, Powerometer 2.5, Specometer 4.0, Valueometer 4.0, Locoyardometer 4.1

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  1. Great loco reviews, keep them coming. I was considering one of these wonderful little locos for my Callington layout, but then Kernow’s decicded to release the Adams 02, which is now on order !


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