Bachmann (ex-SECR/SR) N Class Review

In July, Locoyard followers were given the opportunity to vote for the next model review.  The Bachmann N class and Hornby A4 won with the same number of votes.  Therefore the Bachmann N class will go through the Locoyardometer!  This review has been updated on 28th August 2012 with additional pictures of slope-sided tender version number 1406.

Class: Maunsell (ex SECR) N Class

Use: Mixed Traffic

Region: Southern region and Irish Railways

Era: 1917-1966

Preserved examples:

31874 on the Watercress Line (awaiting overhaul)

Manufacturer: Bachmann

Models Reviewed:

Bachmann 32-160 Southern Railway 1406
Bachmann 32-153 Southern Railway 1824 (click here for more info)
Renumbered Bachmann BR 31874 (click here for more info)

Motor: Vertical Can

Power: Heavyweight

DCC options: 6 pin dcc ready/fitted (current models only)

Locoyard Review



No picked out cab details on older models, though new versions are a little improved with painted inside cab roof, but still not up to modern standards.



It looks as it should, capturing the prototype very well indeed.  For this reason I own two!  Slope-sided tender (below) is paired with the locomotive on appropriate versions and earlier representations of the type correctly do not have smoke deflectors fitted.



BR black lined livery very nice.  Southern olive green is a little plasticky and not as good as Hornby models.  Nice printing however.  Visible split-boiler moulding line is a little disappointing (see above.) Note – BR version illustrated has been renumbered.

Running Qualities:


Tender derailing is a major issue although newer versions are better, if not perfect.  Otherwise smooth.

Relative Power:


Does as well as it should in this department and easily hauls 4 carriages around tight second radius curves.



Cab detailing is not as good as modern models, which is quite apparent with this open cab.  Doing it yourself isn’t impossible though (below.)  NEM pocket in rear tender only, DCC socket/fitted versions in latest versions only with only provision for a six pin decoder.  Using a small decoder, you can fit a decoder to non-DCC versions with a soldering iron.  Good weathered versions available.



RRP a little high, for an older model but there are loads to be found secondhand for very good prices, so its quite easy to add one or two to your fleet for little money!

Overall Locoyardometer Score: 3.9

An excellent looking model and essential for Southern region modellers.  Can be detailed a little more (click here) if desired and models can be found for relatively little money secondhand.  Derailing tender is a pain however, so test it if you can before purchase, or at least pick a more recent release.

Detailometer 3.5, Outlineometer 4.5, Finishometer 3.5, Motorometer 3.5, Powerometer 5.0, Specometer 3.5, Valueometer 4.0, Locoyardometer 3.9