Hornby Railroad Generic 0-4-0T Locomotive Mini Review

Hornby produce a number of locomotives that share the 0-4-0 chassis – the Caledonian Pug, class 06 diesel shunter, and three side-tank models; the Industrial Class D; the GWR Holden Tank and a fictional ex-Thomas the Tank engine model, the subject of today’s loco review.

This locomotive is fictional, but is very losely based on the LBSCR E2 0-6-0T which is the basis for Thomas the Tank Engine.

Class: Fictional/Freelance 0-4-0T

Use: Shunting

Region: N/A

Era: N/A

Preserved examples:


Manufacturer: Hornby

Motor: HP motor

Power: Unclassified

DCC options: None (although some shops sell DCC fitted versions)

Locoyard Review

The model has no detail to speak of, lacking even a cab floor, let alone a moulded boiler backhead .  It is  a fictional design but very unrealistic with a massive oversize smokebox and no attempt to provide any light through under the boiler.  The finish of these models in the main are reasonable.

It shares all the performance characteristics of the models that share its chassis – it is too fast, difficult to control and prone to stalling, though it has no problems with 1st radius curves and stays on the track most of the time.  Hardwiring a DCC chip does help get some control back.  As a toy, it is very exciting for younger children, but as a model it is difficult to handle.  It does not have much pulling power but is comfortable pulling a few 4-wheel carriages or trucks, so it is adequate as a train-set model for children.

These models are cheap to buy, but being from a fairly new moulding are slightly more expensive than other 0-4-0 Hornby offerings and being the worst of the bunch doesn’t make it quite as good value as you might think.  They are fairly robust, if not as tough as Hornby’s metal bodied Caledonian Pug.  Being unrealistic and definitely in the “toy” category, this model is not likely to have any lasting appeal.

Detailing: 1/5

Outline/Looks: 1/5

Finish/Decoration: 3.5/5

Running Qualities: 2/5

Relative Power: 2/5

Specification: 2/5

Value: 4/5

Overall Locoyardometer Score: 2.1

This is probably the worst model of steam engine in 00 scale that you will find produced today, so avoid it if you can.  Hornby’s Caledonian Pug and GWR Holden are much better if you want something cheap and cheerful.

Detailometer 1, Outlineometer 1, Finishometer 3.5, Motorometer 2, Powerometer 2, Specometer 1, Valueometer 4, Locoyardometer 2.1