Bachmann SECR Wainwright C Class Review

Bachmann SECR C Class 592 (boiler)

This model is one of the most hotly anticipated Southern models of modern times.  The South Eastern and Chatham Railway’s C class is a very elegant locomotive; made all the more attractive when painted in the railway’s complex lined green.  The only survivor of the class, number 592 is a popular member of the Bluebell Railway’s fleet is painted in these colours.  When Bachmann announced that they were to produce a 00 scale ready to run model of the class in SE&CR green, it created quite a stir.  Today we see whether they managed to pull it off…

Bachmann SECR C Class 592 (10)

Class: SE&CR C class

Use: Local passenger and goods

Region: Southern

Era: 1900 – 1963

Preserved examples: No. 592 – Bluebell Railway

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SECR C Class 592 on the Bluebell Railway

SECR C Class 592 on the Bluebell Railway 2009

Manufacturer: Bachmann

Model Reviewed: Bachmann 31-460 SE&CR 592 (click here for more info)

Motor: 3 pole loco-drive

Power: Heavyweight

DCC options: 21 pin DCC Ready – socket in tender – click here for DCC fitting guide

Bachmann SECR C Class 592 (cab detils)

Locoyard Review



This is a modern highly detailed model.  The cab is beautiful, it even has a wooden floor!  Rivets, route disc irons, smokebox door dart, the steam reverser, handrails, sandboxes, coupling hooks and vacuum brakes are just some of the many details.  The half- minus point is (as typically with Bachmann), down to the blank plate between the frames – there is no representation of internal cylinders/motion that the Hornby T9 has.  This is a shame especially as there has been little progress since Bachmann’s older Collett Goods 0-6-0 model, although unlike that model, it isn’t as noticeable an omission.  It also does not have an opening cab roof.

Bachmann SECR C Class 592 (Detail)

Outline/Looks: 4/5

Bachmann have done an excellent job at capturing this elegant 0-6-0.  However, the motor is visible forward of the firebox (see above), which takes the edge of what could have been a perfect outline.  It is in fact, the biggest single criticism of the model – what a shame!

Bachmann SECR C Class 592 (tender-profile)



To answer the question of whether it is possible to mass produce a model with intricate SE&CR lining; Bachmann have responded with a very positive yes!  It is stunning.  The lining is a work of art, just look at the tender under-frame and axle boxes on the picture of the tender above.  There are one or two minor livery discrepancies, but nothing too serious.  However, the brass dome could have been a little better and there is still a visible line along the top of the boiler from the moulding seam.  The coal load is metal and very shiny.  Unlike other modern models, it is not easily removed, as the tender needs space for the 21 pin DCC socket.

Bachmann SECR C Class 592 (view from above)

Running Qualities:


The motor is smooth and very quiet.  Despite the delicately detailed chassis, it is tough and stays on the track.  It accelerated smoothly and despite having no tender pick-ups, stalling on points is not an issue.

Bachmann SECR C Class 592 (smokebox)

Relative Power:


So far it has pulled all loads given to it on Locoyard’s small but tightly curved circuit.  It is a very capable model and useful too – being small but powerful.

Bachmann SECR C Class 592 (tender-back)



It is ready for the digital age with a 21 pin DCC socket.  There are no DCC sound or DCC fitted versions yet.  It has excellent detailing, NEM sockets and a modern, smooth motor.

Bachmann SECR C Class 592 (cab)



There are few other models that give you as much for the money, especially with the discounts many sellers are giving.  Bachmann could justifiably increase the retail price for this model and my advise to you is to get it before they do!

Bachmann SECR C Class 592

Overall Locoyardometer Score: 4.6

So how did Bachmann do?  Very well indeed!  The SE&CR C class is captured really well, complete with such intricate lining; something I never expected to see on a ready-to-run model.  It is an excellent runner, being smooth, quiet, reliable and powerful.  It is shame that the motor is visible and this is the biggest single criticism of the model.  Despite this, it is a deserved 5 star model that is exceptionally good value for money.

Detailometer 4.5, Outlineometer 4, Finishometer 4.5, Motorometer 5, Powerometer 5, Specometer 4.5, Valueometer 5, Locoyardometer 4.6