Christmas Steam!

2012 - Watercress Railway - Alresford - Ex - SR U class - 31806Today’s pictures hopefully will help give some idea’s for your Christmas Photo competition entries!

2012 - Watercress Railway - Alresford

Some of these pictures are newly posted; others you may have spotted in previous advent calendar posts.

A Christmas Booking Office - 2012 - Watercress Railway - Ropley

All these pictures were taken on December 1st 2012 on the Watercress Line.

2012 - Watercress Railway - AlresfordPreserved Railways are great to visit at all times, but at Christmas they are especially so.  The railway’s really go to extreme’s in creating a Christmas’ atmosphere and they deserve the the high numbers of bookings they get.

2012 - Watercress Railway - Santa Special - Ropley - Ex - SR U class - 31806

If these pictures have inspired you, please do send in your photographs, so that Christmas Day at Locoyard can be a day for showcasing photographs from Locoyard followers.

2012 - Watercress Railway - Alresford - Ex - SR U class - 31806 - Christmas Tree

Click here for more details of how you can add some colour to Locoyard on Christmas Day!

2012 - Watercress Railway - Alresford - Christmas Tree