Ghosts of Locoyard Past… Part 3 Tender Drive

Hornby LNER A4 class 2512 Silver Fox

This is the third part in the Tale of Ghosts from Locoyard Past, following from the last post.  Today we look at long since departed tender-drive models.  In the 1980’s through to the 90’s; tender drive models were the norm in the mainstream model market.

903 CharterhouseThe performance of the tender drive models varied, but rarely if ever were they as accomplished as modern loco-drive models.

Hornby 8F 8193 - fireglowAlthough they were often capable of hauling heavy loads, tender-drive models’ power range and controllable speeds were often a little limited.

Hornby 46251 - City of NottinghamThat said, they were not terrible models and were tough, so much so many of them have been resurrected (albeit with more modern loco-drive motors) in Hornby’s Railroad range.

Hornby D49 62700 YorkshireThere is one more part left in the tale, so as ever, stay tuned for more!

Hornby 4472 - Flying Scotsman

3 thoughts on “Ghosts of Locoyard Past… Part 3 Tender Drive

  1. Over all tender drives were grim indeed, but funny enough I’ve still got one of the original late 70’s Hornby Kings, much detailed, hat is still running with t tender drive and is the only tender driver loco that has never given me any trouble whatsoever (once I had added ballast in the form of a large steel bolt in the boiler case). OK my layout is a very small one representing a small loco facility very loosely based on Kingswear, so it only ever runs light for 9 feet in any one go, but it still ives good service.


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