Santa’s Other Train – 925 Cheltenham on the Mid-Hants Railway

2012 - Watercress Line - Ropley - SR Schools class V - 925 CheltenhamHauling Heavy Santa Services this December on the Watercress Line with U class 31806 has been the National Collection’s school’s class 925 Cheltenham.  Cheltenham has been hauling services from Alton to a beautifully decorated Ropley; which is where we spot it in today’s blog post.

Now obviously Cheltenham’s train can never see 31806 during the day (hence not suing the whole length of the line) and to make sure this never happens requires a very fast turn-around time, in Heritage Railway terms.  At Ropley, crews have to work quickly to replenish water tanks before moving on.  On the whole, the two Maunsell locomotives seemed to keep to the fast schedule, although back-up in the form of a growling class 50 is never too far away to give a boost if necessary.

Do not forget Christmas Day is a time for your train photos to shine!  Click here for more details.

2012 - Watercress Line - Ropley - ex-LMS - 45379