2012 Locoyard Model Round-up

Locoyard - 00 scale model layout - December 2012It is hard to believe that this time last year locoyard.com did not exist.  The layout did though, as did the thought to start blogging.  The blog started on 12th January (which was introduced with the picture below), though the blog did not become locoyard.com until 9th June.  Today we look at all that has happened on the layout and other model rail related activities that took place in the past year and tomorrow we will have a brief summary of real steam locomotives reported on Locoyard.com in 2012.  Pictures on today’s post should cover most articles described, except the model rail exhibitions.  I hope you enjoy this summary of 2012!

Layout from aboveJanuary 2012

The first blog posts started looking at various model locomotives and parts of the layout, including the castle ruins andrecreating preserved N class 31874 and Merchant Navy class 34027 Port Line.  An early project that spanned a few blog posts was adding flush glazing to Bachmann Bulleid carriages (click here for the first of the series).  January saw the introduction of (and DCC fitting) BR standard 3MT 82019 and Beattie Well tank 30587.  Finally in January, a report on the SMRS Exhibition was published.

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February 2012

The short month of February started where January left off; looking at a completed flush glaze project with a GWR theme.  The cosmetically restored Mainline 56xx was featured and the “oldest” and “youngest” members of the Locoyard fleet (in terms of prototype age) were looked at.  The youngest – Evening Star is an ongoing super-detail project, as are the later February featured 850 Lord Nelson, Southern N class and LMS 6100 Royal Scot.  February 14th is Valentine’s Day, when of course there was a romantic service running around the yard!  On the subject of beauty, the Q1 class was looked at; which sparked some debate on twitter!  Finally, February ended with a visit to the Eurotrack International Exhibition.

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March 2012

March was a relatively quiet month for blog posts.  However March did see the first mention of Brookescastle; a blog that was also new at the time.  Work continued on improving 92220 Evening Star and with the announcement of Bachmann’s 2012/13 range a summary of models of Southern interest was published, as was a mention of the Kernow Model Rail Centre’s Beattie Well-Tank, which won the 00 scale model of the year award.  The first model reviews were published – of the Hornby T9 class and Hornby N15 class.  The final blog post of the month saw a DCC chip being fitted to 4464 Mallard.

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April 2012

Naturally, April 1st started with April Fools Day and the “Cockney Coronation Society“!.  Easter was celebrated in Locoyard style, as was the 100th anniversary of the sinking of Titanic.  Illustrated by pictures of Locoyard models, a piece was written looking at the names of Southern Railway locomotives.

Model reviewing became a lot more systematic with the development of the the Locoyardometer; which has now become the basis for each model review.  The fantastic performance of Bachmann’s Fairburn 4MT 2-6-4 tank was revealed.  The Hornby Merchant Navy class and Bachmann 8F Austerity class were also reviewed.  The Austerity class was a welcome new addition to the fleet and required quite a lot of effort to fit a DCC chip into it.  On the subject of DCC, a piece was published looking at double-heading.  A further development published was an attempt to cure the derailing Bachmann N class tender.  A coaling Tower was obtained, though it still hasn’t found a home on the layout!  Finally, work continued on the SER 01 project.  April was a busy month!

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Models on Display

A new series of posts started in May and concluded in October, looking at models on display:

Part 1 – The Rocket

Part 2 – Sheffield Park and LBSCR E2 class

Part 3 – 56xx and the coaling tower

Part 4 – Triang SECR S class

Part 5 – Kitmaster Pug

Part 6 – Record Breakers

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May 2012

At the beginning of May, an article on super-detailing a Hornby Pug was published, as was a tour of the layout conducted.  Model reviews of Bachmann’s BR Standard 3MT tank, GWR Pannier tank 8750/57xx class, were completed and a new push-pull fitted Hornby M7 tank was added to the Locoyard fleet.  Pannier tank 6757 was renumbered 4612.

A report on the Four Marks Model Railway Exhibition was published.

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June 2012

In June, the blog became www.locoyard.com!

June saw a few Locoyard Events taking place.  The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was celebrated with a Royal train.  After this, every available model was put on the layout for Locoyardfest.  Shortly afterwards, Locoyard became a British Railways only layout with the arrival of BR Standard 7MT 70004 William Shakespeare.  A further update to Hornby Railroad 92000 Evening Star’s tender was completed for it to look better next to the super-detail 7MT.

Reviews for the Hornby M7 tank, Dapol/Kernow Beattie Well-Tank and Hornby BR Standard 7MT Britannia class were completed, as were DCC fitting guides for the Hornby M7 and 7MT classes.

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July 2012

Following the arrival BR Standard 7MT 70004 William Shakespeare in June, in July the “Golden Arrow” regalia was fitted to the locomotive.  A movie was then created for Locoyard’s Golden Arrow!

A poll was conducted in July to determine the next model to be reviewed, resulting in the Hornby LNER A4 and Bachmann SR N classes classes being reviewed.  Locoyard’s Station gained a new waiting room and booking office.  Due to Summer holidays in Devon, not many other model rail blog posts were published, although a sweet train was found in Brixham and a glimpse of some of the model railways at Trago Mills, Bovey Tracey was seen.

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August 2012

Locoyard went back in time from being a British Railways era to Southern Railway’s era in August.

A blog post on improving Bachmann’s Lord Nelson model was published and Hornby A1X terrier W11 Newport was re-finished with an extended Isle of Wight bunker.

Locomotive model review’s of Hornby’s unrebuilt West Country / Battle of Britain and LBSCR A1X terrier classes and Bachmann’s BR standard 5MT were completed.

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September 2012

This month, a fault with Hornby super-detail school’s class 925 Cheltenham was fixed and Locoyard’s Hunslet Austerity tank engine was given a face-lift.  An attempt was made (and failed!) to add a DCC chip to Bachmann’s split-chassis J72 tank engine and a “stay-Alive” DCC chip was tested.  Prior to joining the Locoyard fleet, ex-GWR Collett Goods 2251 class 2253 had a DCC chip fitted.

Hornby’s Caledonian Pug, Hornby’s Coronation classBachmann’s GWR 3400 City class, Hornby’s Hunslet Austerity class and Hornby’s SR Q1 class locomotive model reviews were completed.  Bachmann’s SR Pill Box Brake Van was also reviewed.

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October 2012

Haloween was celebrated on Locoyard in various posts – Black 13 – Halloween Coven at Locoyard &Locoyard’s Giant Pumpkin & Ghost Train & Happy Halloween

A new flush glaze project was completed in October, on a Grafar “suburban” carriage.  A DCC fitting guide was produced for Bachmann’s BR Standard 9F class and the Hornby T9’s performance problems were fixed.

The following model locomotive reviews were completed: Hornby LNER A1/A3 class, Bachmann GWR Collett Goods Class 2251, Bachmann Junior 0-6-0 Tank Engine and Hornby Rebuilt West Country / Battle of Britain class. A comparison of Hornby’s Railroad BR Standard 9F and Bachmann BR Standard 9F was also made.

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Locoyard stepped up a notch in November to support Movember 2012.  Contributions were made by seven other people and it was truely fantastic to be part of the model railway community coming together to support the cause.

Individual blog post entries were as follows:

Movember 2012 entry from Brookes Castle!

Movember 2012 entry from 5029 Tom!

Lightning the J72 and Friends take part in Movember 2012

British Railways Stories Movember 2012 Entry!

Thomas’ Toothpaste – Movember 2012 Entry from Jacob!

Proteus of MagicLampStudios Movember Competition Entry!

Graeme Watson (@NigelGresleyA4) Competition Entry!

The locoyard web page Movember 2012 has all the entries illustrated on it and the final blog Post of Movember summed up all the positive’s that could be taken from the month-long event.  And yes, I do intend to do run it next year!

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November 2012

As well as Movember; at the beginning of the month, Bonfire Night was celebrated and Children in Need was also supported.

If all the Movember activity wasn’t enough; Locoyard still carried on with it’s usual business!  A DCC fitting guide for Bachmann’s GWR Hall class was produced and model reviews for Bachmann’s BR Standard 4MT Class Tank, GWR 49xx Hall Class, Hornby’s Railroad class D, GWR Holden 101 0-4-0T, generic 0-4-0T,  However, the most significant was a mass review of many available train set’s in 2012.

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Ghosts of Locoyard past…

A small series of posts looking at models long since departed from Locoyard were published throughout December, as follows:

Part 1 Diesel Power

Part 2 Kit Built or Modified

Part 3 Tender Drive

Part 4 (The Rest!)

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December 2012

Locoyard followers were given twice the number of blog posts from 1st to 24th December, with Advent Calendar Entries published at 6AM each morning.  These were summed up in the last Advent Calendar blog post.  A highlight of December was Hornby’s 2013 range announcement.  A multitude of blog posts of real steam engines were published, to serve as possible inspiration for the Christmas photo competition.

One of the most popular reviews ever published on Locoyard, was that of Bachmann’s Wainwright SECR C class, for which a DCC fitting guide was also published.  Hornby’s Railroad Jinty 3F class was also reviewed, as was Bachmann’s LNER A1 class (Tornado).

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this summary of this year’s activity in the model railway world.  Finally, I’d like to leave you with a simple thank you to all of you who have followed this blog, without you it wouldn’t be worth it.  Happy New Year!