SDJR Bath Green Park

Nov 2012 - Bath Green Park

Ahead of tomorrow’s publishing of the review of Bachmann’s S&DJR 7F 2-8-0 model, today we see a few pictures of the impressive structure of what was the Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway’s (S&DJR) northern terminus – Bath Green Park. 

The former station now houses a car park/market area next to a supermarket.

Nov 2012 - Bath Green Park

Opened in 1870, it was used by passengers for nearly a hundred years and was closed in 1966 after the Beeching Report.

Nov 2012 - Bath Green ParkThe S&DJR used to have it’s locomotive depot near here on the west side of the River Avon.

Nov 2012 - Bath Green ParkThe station facade was built in a Georgian style to fit in with the beautiful town it served.

Nov 2012 - Bath Green Park

The Railway was originally jointly owned by both the Midland and London and South Western Railway’s.  When the railway companies were amalgamated in the 1923 Grouping the S&DJR passed into joint LMS and Southern Railway ownership.  When British Railways to control, it fell into the Southern region first (until 1958), before moving into Western Region control.  For these reasons the railway had a real mix of locomotives and rolling stock running along it’s picturesque route to Bournemouth.  It is no surprise that the S&DJR is a favourite subject for railway modellers.  Of the locomotives that worked the route, Henry Fowler’s 11 7F 2-8-0 class (below) were unique to the Railway and the two that have been preserved are very popular.  Tomorrow, Bachmann’s model of this characterful class will be published, so stay tuned!

2008 - West Somerset Railway - Minehead - 7F - 88

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  1. Great post I always love finding out what happened to old stations. This one has survived alot better than the old Winchester station I looked at that is now a multi storey car park


    • Cheers, glad you like it. I know what you mean, it’s fascinating to think of how railways used to be in so many places, it’s almost like rediscovering a lost empire! Thanks for the comment 🙂


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