Black 5 – 45428 Eric Treacy – NYMR (Whitby)

2011 - North York Moors Railway (NYMR) - Whitby - Ex-LMS Black 5 class - 5MT - 45428 Eric Treacy (Abbey in background)

Tonight we go back to 2011 to see ex-LMS Black 5 class 45428 at Whitby about to begin pulling the “Yorkshire Coast Express” to Pickering.  This locomotive is named after the famous railway photographer Eric Treacy and was in fine form when captured in 2011.  In the picture above, the famous Whitby Abbey and St Mary’s Church can be seen in the background.

These pictures are from my archive and a back-dated entry for the Steam Diary.  Although there is still a fair amount of material to publish, the older photographs will eventually run-out… which is one of many reasons why you are invited to contribute to to keep the good train-material flowing!  If you wish to, contribute, please contact locoyard!

2 thoughts on “Black 5 – 45428 Eric Treacy – NYMR (Whitby)

  1. There’s something about a black five!
    I’m definitely more drawn to the utilitarian, day to day aspects of the ‘old railway’ than the out and out glamour. These machines really do typify the everyday and ordinary of that era. I love them.


    • I love the Black 5’s too, they look just right and I’m sure I’ll never grow tired of seeing them! Thanks for the comment!


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