Model of the Week – Ex-SECR N class – 1824

Bachmann N Class 1824
Welcome to Locoyard’s Model of the Week Blog Post!  As with last week’s N15 King Arthur class; today’s model is another another Southern prototype.  The N class was a successful and useful mixed-traffic type and an important member of the Locoyard fleet, if not the most glamorous.
Bachmann N class 1824 tender-first
Built to a 1914 design by Richard Maunsell, Chief Mechanical Engineer (CME) of the South Eastern and Chatham Railway (SECR); the first N class was completed in 1917.  Production of the class continued when the SECR was absorbed into the Southern Railway in 1923 – the year 1824 was completed in Ashford works.  1824 holds the accolade of being the last N class completed by the SECR (as number 824).
Bachmann N Class Review (detail)
The design was heavily influenced by the GWR 43xx class; due to the SECR employing Harold Holcroft (who previously was a GWR engineer).  This influence was mixed with elements of Midland Railway practice (this coming from Draughtsman James Clayton).
Bachmann N Class Review (tenders)At first; 1824 would have ran in without smoke deflectors – these were added by the Southern Railway from 1933; which dates this model around 1933 to 1945; when (by that time) the whole class had been painted wartime black.  1824 has a flat-sided tender; one of many detail differences within the class.
Bachmann N class 31874 & 1824In 1948, 1824 became British Railways number 31824 and was based at the Bricklayers Arms (shed code 73B).
Bachmann N Class Southern Olive Green - cabIn September 1963; 31824 was withdrawn and unfortunately was scrapped.  One member of the class was preserved – 31874, which is based on the Watercress Line and is currently awaiting overhaul.  31874 is also in the Locoyard model collection and is featured here.
Bachmann N Class Review (7)This Bachmann model has been reviewed (click here to read it) and had cab details picked out (click here to read more).  I hope you enjoyed reading about this locomotive!