Day Out With Thomas

2013 Day out with Thomas - Watercress Line - Ropley - Ex-Austerity  class - 1 ThomasThis time last year on Locoyard, a blog post was published on the “Cockney Coronation Society“.  This was, of course an April fools Day joke!  However, not wanting to be too predictable there is no April Fools Day joke here this year, but a lighthearted blog post none-the-less!

2013 Day out with Thomas - Watercress Line - Bowers Grove Lane - Ex-SR U class - 31806This Bank Holiday weekend and until 9th April, the Watercress Line is holding it’s “Day’s Out With Thomas Easter”, so Ropley has become a magnet for children!  Although seeing the locomotive wear the faces may seem sacrilegious to some, it is so important that the link to the superstar Thomas the Tank Engine and real steam engines is maintained.  The future of our hobby depends on it!  I hope you enjoy these pictures, Happy April Fools Day!

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