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Edward Farms - Weathering Pic 2

A number of guest blog posts and pictures have now been published on and there are a few in progress… And more are still very much welcome!

Princess - Paignton Station 2013 - Nick P Littlewood

For starters, you can just submit pictures and the content can be written for you.  If you wish to include your own text, all you need do is write a piece (a word document usually works well) with some separate picture files and email them to me. I’ve found in the past that it’s better if the pictures are sent separately as it makes it easier to upload them without losing picture quality.  If you wish to put pictures in specific places or in a certain order, make sure that they are labelled in the document. You can include links to your website, specific blog posts (or almost anywhere you wish).  Usually anywhere from 250 to 600 words works well for a blog post, but there’s no word limit as such.  Send the content to and I’ll be in touch with any comments!

NSWGR C 3801 - copyright Thomas Barnes

In terms of content; it has to be railway themed and there have to be pictures, unless you can find any here on that could be used!  I will read through your material and may make minor amendments to spelling or grammar if necessary.  Nothing offensive will be published and the content has to be your own.  The blog post will remain yours by copyright and can be removed at a later date if requested.


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Christopher Sutcliffe of UK Heritage Hub

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Christopher Sutcliffe - NRM 9F class - 92220 Evening Star