Churnet Valley Railway’s Velocipede Rally

The weekend ahead is the Churnet Valley Railway’s Velocipede Rally, the world’s biggest and best Hand Powered Rail Rally. The 13th National Velocipede Rally will see at least 20 machines in action including Velocipedes, Track Bikes, Velorails, A Row Boat, Draisine, Walking Car, Belt Car and the Infamous “I Cycle”.

On Saturday afternoon at Froghall, between the trains, you will be able to see run throughs and chat to the machine owners, who have some wonderful stories to tell of tracking down and restoring their machines.

On Saturday evening when the steam service finishes, the line will see the first “Twilight Run” for hand powered machines on a Heritage Line, from Froghall, through Consall and onto Cheddleton, and then back again.

A magnificent photo opportunity to bring the best kept secret of railway history to life.

On Sunday the famous Oakamoor Dash will take place to wake up the participants, you will again be able to see run throughs and chat to the owners, there will be more time to look over the machines and seek advice on building your own. Seven machines attending have been built by their owners from scratch and several are restored old machines.

More details are available on the CVR’s website;