Coronation 1937 LNER Brochure courtesy of Nick Littlewood

Coronation 1937 LNER Brochure - Front and Back Train B

Nick Littlewood has sent some very topical scanned images that fit perfectly with the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of LNER A4 class 4468 Mallard breaking and setting the world speed record for steam.  The images supplied here are scanned from an original copy of the 1937 LNER brochure for the Coronation Express, featuring 4489 Dominion of Canada, a locomotive that is currently at York with it’s five surviving classmates.

Coronation 1937 LNER Brochure - 6&7 BottomThis brochure gives the perfect feel of the era when the A4’s ruled the East Coast and really puts the 75th Anniversary into context.  It really was a different age, yet it produced a steam locomotive capable of speeds up to 126mph!  Incredible!  The brochure is shown in the slideshow below, running from cover to cover.

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Coronation 1937 LNER Brochure - Front Train