Model of the Week – GWR 49xx class – 4936 Kinlet Hall

Locoyard - Bachmann GWR 49xx - 4936 Kinlet HallToday’s model of the Week is a GWR member of the Locoyard fleet of locomotives.  Bachmann’s 49XX Hall class model is very good (click here for it’s review) and today we look at the locomotive behind the model…

4936 Kinlet Hall was a 49xx Hall class built by the Great Western Railway in Swindon in 1929.  Although the very successful Hall class were designed by Collett, they were based on Churchward’s groundbreaking 29xx Saint class.  330 Hall class locomotives were built over thirty years and they were a major influence of another famous class 5 locomotive – Stanier’s Black 5.

Locoyard - Bachmann GWR 49xx - 4936 Kinlet Hall4936 had a busy life and frequently moved around the Great Western region over the years.  The locomotive proved to be a survivor and lived beyond 1941 despite the fact that it fell into a bomb crater!  Such damage would usually have led a locomotive to the scrapyard, but due to wartime shortages a major repair was carried out instead.  Evidence of this repair can still to this day be found on the locomotive’s frames!

Locoyard - Bachmann GWR 49xx - 4936 Kinlet HallAbsorbed into British Railways in 1948, 4936 lasted until 1963 when it was withdrawn, having traveled a remarkable 1,339,061 miles in it’s career.  4936 was one of the many fortunate locomotive’s to be taken to the Woodham Brothers scrapyard at withdrawal where it was not scrapped but left to rust until purchased in 1979.

Locoyard - Bachmann GWR 49xx - 4936 Kinlet HallKinlet Hall proved to be a big restoration job; that was finally completed in 2000 at Tyseley Works.  It was mainline certified and was worked until 2009, when it was overhauled and returned to service in 2011.

Locoyard - Bachmann GWR 49xx - 4936 Kinlet HallThe owners of 4936 have an excellent website (click here) that is well worth checking out.  Last year I had the pleasure of seeing it twice whilst working on the Paignton and Dartmouth Railway; firstly on a walk along the coast (click here for more) and secondly at Kingswear (click here to read more).

Locoyard - Bachmann GWR 49xx - 4936 Kinlet HallThanks for reading folks! 🙂