Recreating BR Standard 9F 92212

Bachmann BR Standard 9F class - 92192 (tender BR1F)It has been quite some time since I got stuck into any “serious” modelling and as the to-do list has been growing, I thought I’d complete one project by recreating BR Standard 9F class 92212.  This locomotive is normally based at the Watercress Line but has been some time out on the Bluebell Railway on loan.  It is a steam engine I had seen much of and wanted to recreate in 00 scale.  Last year I saw a Bachmann model that has the same BR1F tender but different running number, so I jumped at the chance to get it with the view to changing the model’s identity…

Bachmann Standard 9F class - 92192 (6)The Bachmann model was a North Eastern-based prototype, number 92192.  As mentioned it shared the same tender as 92192, it also shared the same double chimney.  Recreating 92212 would “only” need new numbers and a new shed plate.

Step 1 - T-Cut OriginalThe first step was therefore to remove the transfers, using the tried and tested method with T-Cut and cotton buds.  Using just a tiny drop of T-Cut on a cotton bud, gently rub the transfers until most of the transfers come away.   Try not to rub too much as T-cut will also remove paint.  Once complete wipe away any residue with a clean cotton bud.

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Once this was done, the numbers had gone but the result was a little untidy for my liking.  Using a cocktail stick, the remaining transfers were gently pulled away.  As I still wasn’t happy, I then masked away the glass, wheels and boiler and re-sprayed with Humbrol Satin Black paint the cab sides and front of locomotive.  Left to dry overnight, I was much happier with the finish.

The last step was to apply transfers.  I used Fox waterslide transfers, the cost of which came to a rather staggering £18 including delivery – note that renumbering is often considered a cheap way to get a specific model, but it’s not always the case.  Always do your maths before coming to such assumptions!  Fortunately this model only cost £30 (yes, an incredible bargain!) so I got the model I wanted for around £50, excluding paint, T-Cut brushes etc (if you have these already, the additional cost negligible).  That said, in reality I had very little choice but to do it myself, as Bachmann haven’t produced this model as far as I am aware.

Using scissors to cut the transfers I used tweezers to hold then them under lukewarm water – be careful to not damage the transfers if you do this.  Do one transfer at a time and hold for 45-60 seconds.  I then slid the transfers onto the surface using a clean paint brush and a second (clean) dry brush to brush away excess moisture.  Once positioned I finally put a small coat of transfer varnish on top to seal them, but being very conservative with the amount of fluid used.

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Overall I am happy with the result, although the cab numbers aren’t quite as central as they could be and the transfer for the front number proved a little too big for Bachmann’s numberplate mold.  The more eagle-eyed of you may also have noticed that one of the smoke deflectors was dislodged, though this has been fixed since.

Locoyard - Renumbered Bachmann 9F - 92212So no we have a new member of the Locoyard fleet – S&D region BR Standard 9F 92212!  Welcome 92212 and goodbye 92192!