Steam Locos in Profile: Bulleid Pacifics

Today saw the re-release of E-G Medias Steam Locos in Profile episode featuring the Bulleid Pacifics. This episode of the hit YouTube series looks at Oliver Bulleid’s brilliant Merchant Navy, West Country & Battle Of Britain pacifics. The series has often been described as Top Gear for trains and has been put together using various mainline and persevered steam videos, guitar background music and is presented in front of spam can Blackmoor Vale at the Blubebell Line. The video js narrated by Chris Eden-Green and he explains both the triumphs and the problems the Bulleids faced without overloading the audience with to much information. I really enjoyed the video and not knowing much about the Bulleids beforehand I found it to be well informed and a great  basis to build knowledge upon.

Hope you enjoy it!