Weekend Wanderings – Maldon Train Station

This is a fabulous selection of photographs of a beautiful heritage railway. I particularly like the detail shots, they pick out some interesting items and objects. This is a lovely blog post!


LeanneCole-maldon-20130102-6003When we were driving to Maldon the other day on the way into town we went past the train station and decided that when we were leaving, we would stop and take a look.  I can’t tell you how glad we were that we did.

LeanneCole-maldon-20130102-5975We stopped there and walked around the station and had a look at lots of things, and once we got on the platform we could see some carriages across from the station.  They were very old ones, the ones I remember travelling in as a child.  They haven’t been around for about 20 years.  It was like walking down memory lane.

LeanneCole-maldon-20130102-5988This is an wheelbarrow for moving suitcases.  I love how the old stations have these on them.  In the background you can see the old red rattlers.

LeanneCole-maldon-20130102-6008No, not Thomas the Engine, but maybe Thomasina, it is fun though, and you see it next…

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