Locoyard’s Birthday!

Locoyard - Bachmann Fowler 4F SDJR 58,BR Fairburn 4MT 2-6-4T 42096 and standard 80009Today is this blog’s 2nd Birthday.  Two years ago, I decided to start publishing my model diary and from that decision has blossomed a comprehensive site of well over 750 blog posts that has amassed almost 245,000 views.  Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to visit locoyard over the past two years, I look forward to sharing the next two years with you all and beyond!  Locoyard - Bachmann BR Standard 4MT 2-6-4T 80009 shuntingIn true locoyard style, here are a few pictures taken on the yard today.

Locoyard - Bachmann BR ex-GWR 56xx 5658 Goods trainDo take some time to explore the website, that can be browsed through the various webpages, there are many pictures and articles to be found and enjoyed!

Locoyard - Bachmann GWR 45xx - 4555 32-127B on-shedUntil next time, all the best to locoyard followers everywhere!

Locoyard - Bachmann BR Standard 4MT 2-6-4T 80009

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