Life on the footplate of Clan Line

Hello everyone, I came across this rather special video on YouTube earlier today and thought it was worth a share. It shows the a couple of clips taken on the footplate of Clan line when working the VSOE Surrey Hills. She had a load of 13 coaches that day and it was Dvr Don Clarke’s last day at work, finishing off 49 years of footplate service before retirement. The first part shows some fast running around London. The last part is from Stewarts Lane JN and up on to Grosvenor bridge and down in to London Victoria. Arriving bang on time.

I am sure you will agree its an excellent video and gives the viewer a rare look into the sights and sounds you experience on a mainline steam engines footplate.

Thanks for reading.

Ed addition: On the subject of Clan Line, don’t forget UK Heritage Hub’s brilliant video too!  Please see below!