A New Member of the Locoyard Team!

I am very pleased to announce that following our request for new members for the locoyard team, that we’ve found someone!  I would like to introduce you to Jonathan Malton, who will be contributing to the Locoyard blog.  Jonathan has started a fantastic YouTube channel that I heartly recommend you subscribe to (click here).  Today we feature his video from the North Norfolk Railway Grand Steam Gala 2013, which I’m sure you will enjoy!

Jonathan will be publishing his own blog posts and we will set up a new web page to record them.  For now, I would just like to welcome Jonathan!  Don’t forget, that if you would like to blog here at locoyard, please get in touch.  Click here to read more.

3 thoughts on “A New Member of the Locoyard Team!

    • I’m so sorry for the mistake, unfortunately I used to know someone called James Malton, so I got confused! It’s edited now and an invite for you to author your own blog posts is on it’s way! 🙂


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