Asperger’s Fundraiser; An Update

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Last week, I posted the fantastic news about the Asperger’s Fundraiser (click here to read) and they had been regrouped as Charters 4 Change, there has been some slight bumps in the track. After lack of staff, and poor donations, they have had to scale back. The main Asperger’s Flyer is still going ahead, and the evening at the Talyllyn Railway is still on the cards, the new trains  ‘The Adventuring Autisticman’ and ‘The Cancer Carer’ have been cancelled until further notice.

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Oliver Morgan, who co-operates the charity with Joseph Halloway, had this to say;

“Whilst I am disappointed that our team, myself included, feel that we cannot continue working on our initial plans for expansion, we’re so very happy to announce our new marketing push based around artwork created for retro railway posters by Kelsey Evan, a budding young photographer and artist from West Yorkshire, and Nick Harling, an associate of the Guild of Railway Artists which will really promote a Summer with the Flyer experience for families.”

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Also, Oliver plans to promote the charity in the north of England as much as possible, so if you would like to help out please contact


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