North Norfolk Railway Spring Steam Gala 2014

After some disappointments in the week running up to the event, like A4 Sir Nigel Gresley not been able to arrive due to Network Rail (take that with what you want), and the Muddle and Go Nowhere Bar not in service, it was a fantastic event.

Still, it was a steam gala, so things had to go wrong even further. 56xx, 5619 was not available for service, so a class 37 was pushed in service, but it was not a bad thing, as it was out shopped at Weybourne Works last June, so it looked spectacular.

A Pannier Tank made up the A4, which I would like to thank the Kent and East Sussex Railway for their quick agreement, and it was great to see that is was renamed and renumbered for the event. Well, some of the day. And the shock and horror of some enthusiasts were a picture!

The weather was beautiful, the sausage butty was delicious, and all of the steam locomotives had their paintwork shining in the sun, with B12 8572 looking especially superb.

Watch the video above to see the action of the steam gala.

And, as I have visited the railway so many times in the past, I have now become a member of the Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway Society, the charity behind the North Norfolk Railway, so look out for information in the future.

Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “North Norfolk Railway Spring Steam Gala 2014

    • It was a fantastic day, and you need to visit some time in the future Simon. Their events are just fantastic. Sadly I will miss their later Autumn gala, but will make a trip later on. And I can’t believe that I am now a member!


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