Asperger’s Fundraiser; By Royal Appointment!

It gives me great pleasure to announce that The Aspergers Flyer will be a star attraction at the PRCLT’s tribute to the 70th anniversary of D-Day. Despite being a celebratory event, the 1940s weekend, that are held across the country are always spectacular. Not only that, but there will be two fantastic steam locomotives, which both have a Royal connection; namely 46233 Duchess of Sutherland, the chosen engine for two Royal Train runs in the last decade, and 46203 Princess Margaret Rose, the LMS Pacific locomotive from the stylish, pre-war period. Also in attendance is 45000, the Royal Saloon which has carried the Queen in recent times and Winston Churchill during D-Day preparations.


Despite the fantastic line up, the icing on the cake is that The Duchess will carry The Asperger’s Fundraiser headboard all day on June 8th. I would like to say that it is a fantastic achievement, and that I am very proud that the charity has been able to establish a link with such glamorous and important locomotives.


Oliver Morgan had this to say;

Soon, the Flyer will have been on the iconic locomotives that ran the famous streamlined expresses on both sides of the country. We’re very proud to be able to say that our work with the PRCLT will create another two legendary locos which have hauled our train. For us to work with engines that have worked Royal Trains means, to me, that we have really come of age

Below is the event poster. Please and take a look, and if it takes your fancy, visit the Midland Railway Centre, and have a fantastic day. I hope it goes well for Asperger’s Fundraiser on this landmark occasion.


Thanks for Reading.