The Asperger’s Flyer; We Need Your Support!

The Asperger’s Flyer; We Need Your Support!

The Asperger’s Flyer is one of the UK’s leading Autism and Asperger charity. They need your help to increase the get the support for local charities from the Hemworth Arts and Community Academy. They are campaigning to make a real difference in the surrounding communities and are run by teenager, for teenagers.

The plan is for the academy to run a non-uniform day to raise the £2,000 pounds needed to keep one of Britain’s leading Asperger’s related activities running. The Aspergers Flyer is a train run all across the north of England to raise the profile of the syndrome while also providing stress-free, fun and easily accessible days out for families affected everyday by Asperger’s and Autism.

The academy needs to start supporting causes close to the hearts of their students rather than running events that make very little difference in the overall scheme of the world. £2,000 pounds would mean everything to us. We could invest in equipment suited for special needs children and teens, get more transportation to and from our events allowing more volunteers to help our strained staff and the marketing of our events to get more families the chance to relax.

By signing our petition, you’ll be supporting our call as students for change. Let’s stop running events which raise money for charities we never hear progress on and let’s start making a change in OUR community!

Oliver Morgan, who is the chairman of the Flyer, had this to say;

“The Flyer is now entering a stage where we need to raise money to allow more staff members to attend our events, the production of promotional leaflets and lots of other things that are ever more essential to raising awareness and achieving our aims. As my current educational provider and that for many of our secondary staff members, I find it insane that the HACA have not already registered their support and aid.”

I have linked the link in this article. It is free to contribute, and would be great if all of the Loco Yard readers would sign the petition. I will keep you up to date, as always, with any development with the Asperger’s Fundraiser.

Thanks for reading.