Sunset and Steam

2014 - Watercress Railway - Ropley - BR Standard 9F 2-10-0 class 92212Having popped into Alton (click here to read more) earlier, later on the same day I visited one of my favourite places; Ropley loco yard.  It was early evening and the golden light from the setting sun shone across the yard.  Such high contrast can make taking a photograph quite tricky, particularly when the subject matter is metal, but equally  it can help create something quite special.  In a bid to hone in my skills, I captured some shots of the steam locomotives to be found there, that included 850 Lord Nelson that had returned from it’s hard days work. However, the locomotive in the opportune location, sat as it was sunbathing in the evening sun was the magnificent BR Standard 9F class 92212 pictured above and in the gallery below.

Schools class 925 Cheltenham and visiting West Country Pacific 34046 Braunton completed the collection of heritage steam to be found at Ropley on this spring evening.

Seeing sights such as this never fail to stir the soul, they are such massive, powerful, beautiful relics.  Fantastic stuff!

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