Please Support These Causes In Any Way You Can!

We are very fortunate at locoyard to have many authors, as can be seen in the recently updated About page.  All are putting tireless efforts into supporting causes in their own time and we thought it important to draw your attention to them.  If can help by reading these details and supporting them however you can, even if it is just to share them with friends and family, it would be very much appreciated by all of us!  So in no particular order we have:

Charity 15

The Asperger’s Flyer; We Need Your Support! (Jonathan Malton)

Bridges To Broadway

Bridges To Broadway (Alex Caulfield)

King class

6024 Preservation Society Ltd (Shirl Turner)

35005 Canadian Pacific - 2013 Eastleigh Works

35005 Canadian Pacific Fund (Simon Shutt)

106_5537  VF5272, 'Haulwen', HC 1731 'Jennifer', Llwyfan Cerrig, Sun 29.09.13, © john jones copy

Gwili Railway’s Autumn Gala 2014 (UK Heritage Hub)

Even if it’s just a forwarded email, a tweet, a reblog or a facebook link, we’d appreciate any support you can give for these causes.  Many thanks in advance!

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