Driving Mallard

We have a new contributor who is no other than Retired Engine Driver John Anthony.  Without further ado, here is John’s piece on driving the worlds fastest steam engine – 4468 Mallard!

2013 National Railway Museum York - The Great Gathering - LNER A4 4468 MallardHi, folks, I drove “MALLARD” over the Settle and Carlisle on 13/8/88, (any of you went on that trip?) People stare at her in her tomb, at the NRM, they think she’s dead, her soul somewhere “on the other side”, or maybe steaming away in heaven! But one fine day, someone will light a fire in her belly, and WOOSH, she will fly! WHALLOP, she will soar! And men, men of rock will crumble at her beauty, they will weep ,,,,,,,and so will I, retired engine driver, John Anthony.

John Anthony - 4468 MallardMany thanks to John for sending this in.  To read part 2 of John’s experience driving Mallard click here.  All of John’s contributions can be found on a dedicated web page (please click here.)

2 thoughts on “Driving Mallard

  1. hi, folks,thankyou, thankyou, you,ve pleasured my old steam heart by posting my little blog, i was born in 1938 when “mallard”sped to 126 mph, heres some of the loco,s i drove when a vollunteer steam driver at skipton. Clan line, Dutchess of hamilton, Princess M Rose,Bahamas, Green Arrow, Sir Iamiel, Princess Elizebeth, Taw Valley, Sir Nigel Gresley, Duke of Glouster, George Stephens0n, Blue Peter, Britania, The Great Marquess, City of Wells, once again thank you, loco yard is a brilliant web site, john anthony.


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