Asperger’s Fundraiser April 2014 Update

It has been a fantastic month for the Asperger’s Fundraiser, with a high profile debut event, and some reshuffles behind the scenes, so let’s take to the rails to see what has happened.

On 2nd April, it was World Autism Day, and a petition to get Hemworth Arts and Community Academy to try to get their support for local charities that make a real difference in surrounding communities. After going on line of their Facebook page and on the Loco Yard blog, it achieved its target of 100 signatures, and had to be raised to 200 by the end of the evening! At the moment, it is at 168 signatures, but the overwhelming support has been fantastic.

On April 12th, The Asperger’s Flyer debuted at the Midland Railway Centre on a surprise visit which few knew of! This is not the last time the Flyer will visit the MRC, as on June 8th with Royal Train locomotive 6223 Duchess of Sutherland heading the Flyer up the ‘Golden Valley’. Chairman Oliver Morgan was joined by Simon Beedie who took the excellent photographs below.



The next event was on April 20th, which was the debut as the Battlefield Line Railway, but due to staff shortages, it was cancelled. However, it is planned to be rearranged later in the year so the Flyer will attend the railway some time soon.

Also, starting in May, the Flyer will be selling Autistic Roses at their events, which will be a great way to show your support to the charity and autism in general. More on that is a bit. Below are some images of the roses from supporters.ImageImage

Looking to the future, there is the Kirklees Light Railway on May 24th, the North Yorkshire Moors Railway on June 7th. Also, on the 8th June, the Midland Railway Centre D-Day event takes place, with the Flyer being hauled by a royal locomotive.


Also, looking for a classy, sophisticated evening full of 40’s glamour on a budget? Why not join the team for just £20 at 7pm at Tywyn Wharf (Tallwyn Railway) on 31st July? Ring 01654 710472 to book!Image

Behind the scenes, there has been a staff reshuffle, ready for a the Kirklees Light Railway event on May 24th, with Oliver Morgan having this to say;

“This month has been a month of reshuffling for our team to make we’re ready for the rest of the anniversary year celebrations.  Low key appearances at Battlefield and Butterly have kept us ticking over while we moved staff around. We have confirmed that Maddie Hallford has agreed to lend a hand by using her excellent photography skills to become the new Event Photographer. Myself and Maddie were invited to have a look around the KLR and walk the route of the line so she can get her bearings and be ready for May. I have included some images she took. “Image

“Ella Simpson has agreed to become the Vice Chairwoman and has taken it upon herself to organize several stalls for us to raise money through leaving myself free, thankfully, to deal with publicizing the event and other areas. ”

“Our last key player to join the team is the new Head of Community Development and Marketing, Megan Crossley. Joining the team to head her own brand new promotion, the Autistic Rose, she brings with her experience in team leadership. The Autistic Rose we hope will become a real and living symbol of appreciating life however it grows and of showing support for the spectrum. ”


“All three new staff members are as excited to join as we are to have them. They are all innovative, bright young members of the community who are within weeks of discussions beginning for them to join us are now taking on projects which couldn’t have been run before. They herald a new age for the Flyer.”

Even though April has had its ups and downs, it has been  mostly positive. The events has been a massive success, and the changes to the staff will hopefully make sure the Asperger’s Flyer is secured.

Thanks for reading.

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    • The Flyer is not at the present, but it might if it can get partner heritage railways to join their growing spectrum of railways. It is on the cards, but this year, sadly no. Will keep you posted if any news develops.


  1. Oliver Morgan has just sent me this “When funds allow us to, we would like to tour the south east” Hope that helps.


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