The Disneyland Paris Railroad – The Stations

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Last year I visited Disneyland Paris for my daughters 4th birthday and came across the rather brilliant Disneyland Railroad. It’s a well-known fact that Walt Disney was a huge railway fan and was even building a model GWR King class (sadly he died before he could complete it). When he designed the original Disney World he incorporated his love for steam by creating a steam railroad to transport guests between lands. This railroad is now a feature in almost every Disneyland across the world and proves to be a very popular attraction in its own right.
The posters of the Disneyland Railroad

Today we are looking at the Disneyland Paris Railroad, originally named the Euro Disneyland Railroad (EDRR). It is a narrow gauge railroad at Disneyland Park at the Disneyland Paris Resort in Marne-la-Vallée, France. The railway was part of the original park and was inaugurated on the park’s opening day, April 12, 1992. Riders use it as transportation to other areas of the park or simply for the experience of the “Grand Circle Tour”. I have heard people say that “Tornado” is part of the heritage scene, so this railway which is a good 15 years old can equally come under that bracket!

The railway is a mixed gauge narrow gauge.  The locomotives travel on the inside track with the carriages on the outside I am not sure on the track measurements and have been unable to discover the information on the internet.

The view of main street station that greets all visitors when they first enter the park.
Main Street Station is the main station in Disneyland Paris and is based in the Main Street USA part of the park. From here guests can start their journey around the park. The station building is the typical design used at all Disneyland parks and in turn is based upon a 1900’s American Railroad station.

 The Rear of the Main Street Station
The original Euro Disney Rail Road logos can still be found at the station.

Main Street Station is seen upon entering Disneyland Park, in Main Street, U.S.A.. From there, guests can start their journey around the park, with a recorded narration commenting on visited landscapes. Trains first cross a diorama recreation of the Grand Canyon, complete with wild animals and storm effects. For more information there is a great website below.

The next station is based in Frontierland and stops at Frontierland Depot, which isnt really a Depot just a station with a water tower. This area of the park has a wild west theme and is home to a replica steam paddle boat, Big Thunder Mountain and various saloons. If you do ever visit “Frontierland” I do highly recommend Cowboy Cookout as they do the best Chilli I have ever eaten!

 Topping up with water
Frontierland Depot station building.

Back to the railway, the locomotives live in a shed which unfortunately is inaccessible to the general public. The locomotives switch to a service track at a set of points between Frontierland and Adventureland. After Frontierland the train travels through Adventureland passing through the Indiana Jones Temple of Peril and then the inside of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Fantasyland Station

I never actually stopped at this station myself so was unable to get photos of the station building.This is rather embarrassing for a railway enthusiast but my 4 year old was far more interested in meeting Peter Pan and Tinkerbell at this point then visiting the station… Shocking I know.

The train then carries onto the last station in Discoveryland. Trains stop above Star Tours and Captain EO, in Discoveryland Station. The station is built into the Star Wars Star Tours ride so doesn’t actually have a station building but rather just a platform on the roof. I found this to be a very badly designed station, as it was open to the elements and whilst waiting for the train we got very cold from the wind. An actual building or hut on the platform would be something I hope is being planned.

The journey comes to an end while returning to Main Street. Please click here to look at the locomotives I got to see whilst I was there.